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22—25 august
to V-ROX 2018

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Mumiy Troll (Vladivostok)

The "Mumiy Troll" band will perform a concert version of their new album "SOS MATROSU" ("SOS to a sailor") on the 24th of August. It was recorded during the round-the-globe trip on the "Sedov" bark. The musicians used new compact recording equipment which had been bought in different ports around the world and also some original soviet music instruments. "SOS MATROSU" is a dedication to the "golden age of russian rock" when the enthusiasm and passion prevailed technical abilities. The new album is filled with love towards Vladivostok, a city which still defines the band's style.

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136-Ego-Wrappin' for press
Ego-Wrappin' (Japan)

Ego-Wrappin' is a unit formed in 1996 in Osaka. Members include YoshieNakano and Masaki Mori. They established the project in their hometown of Osaka and later relocated to Tokyo. Persistent sales of their exceptional debut “Blues of Colors” built nationwide recognition, representing their unique artistry through cabaret music and Showa popular songs, which was inspired by Jazz of the pre-war years. 

Ego-Wrappin' is a unique and rare artist. Each work constructed with novel and fascinating musicianship, draws the attention of the Japanese music scene. The Ego-sound reflects free atmosphere and hot emotion, which Jazz and Rock music had prior to becoming just titles of genres, and draws from the spirit of our living world. Facing music sincerely, jumping the walls of genres easily, they will tell you how to enjoy music. You feel their song vibrations directly. 

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P.K. 14 (China)

P.K.14 occupies a space in Chinese music that might be analogous to that of Talking Heads or Television in the New York of the 1970s. They are almost unanimously cited as the band that has most influenced the young Beijing music scene. Although they are at the heart of the Beijing scene, at the same time they are wholly unique and seem to be traveling in their own space — one which consists of only one band.

Founded in Nanjing in 1997, P.K.14 became one of China’s most admired and influential bands. In 2001 they moved to Beijing, China’s musical epicenter, from where they released their consequential Shei Shei he Shei Shei Shei (Whoever, Whoever & Whoever) followed by the eagerly-awaited Bai Pi Shu (White Paper. Only frontman Yang Haisong remains from the band’s original line-up, he is generally considered to be the epitome of P.K.14’s aesthetic approach to art and music. As one of China’s better-known younger poets, his lyrics, predominantly about China’s disaffected urban youth, have been important for the band’s. 

P.K.14 have performed extensively in China and abroad, both headlining and sharing the stage with many notable bands, including The (International) Noise Conspiracy, These Are Powers, Ex-Models and The Soundtrack of Our Lives. 


Julien-K (USA)

Amir Derakh and Ryan Shuck have been musical partners for 13+ years. During their time together they have weaved in and out of mainstream musiс. In the late 90's they were responsible for massive radio and sales hits such as Blind (Korn), Blue Monday, Stitches, and Fiction (Orgy), and recently Crawl Back In and Let Down (Dead By Sunrise with their pal Linkin Park's Chester Bennington). The duo have spent the last 6 years methodically moving away from the mainstream success that put them on the map towards their new independent alternative electro rock project Julien-K — which sounds more at home with the likes of modern acts such as M83, The Kills, LCD Soundsystem, The Naked and Famous, Empire of the Sun, and even the Black Keys. 

It is very difficult to put Julien-K in a specific category, and indeed it appears they may be creating a new movement of their own. Touring for years with no label support, slowly building the band up from nothing, to being able to debut at #2 on the US iTunes electronic charts, and top 10 on corresponding international charts.

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136-No Brain pic2
No Brain (Korea)

Formed in 1996 in a small club in Hongdae (the artistic & cultural playground in Seoul), No Brain has grown up as one of the biggest rock bands in Korea. They started to criticize society's current state of affairs and inequality with their raw punk sound, which was really shocking in Korea in the middle of 1990s. No Brain never stops playing on the stage for the last 15 years, now they are speaking for the general public including, of course, young rock kids. With pure rock spirits and passion for music, No Brain introduces many Korean people to rock. Even though they have become so big in the music scene, No Brain still loves to play in small sized venues, like they did in the old days, and support new bands and clubs.


500-Wang Wen
Wang Wen (China)

Wang Wen started in Dalian, a northern harbor city of China, around 1999. The band has a steady line up since 2002 and have been moving people with their music ever since. Wang Wen released 7 full long albums, played the most important music festivals in Asia, toured around China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Europe and sharing stages with Mogwai, Mono. 

Wang Wen is one of the few rock bands in China that consistently suprises with every new album release. Wang Wen is one of the bands that shaped the Chinese indie scene for the last decade and they are the most prominent instrumental rock band in China.

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Emufucka (Japan)

Takafumi Sakurai is a real prodigy of electronic music. In just several years Emufucka grew from hardly-known Japanese experimenter to a confident soldier who represents Japan at the world music stage. While being released on various European Labels, he worked with DZA, Submerse, Quarta330, Coco Bryce, My Dry Wet Mess, Djemba Djemba etc.


136-Peri M
Peri M (Hong Kong)

Peri M is an indie rock band from Hong Kong. The band named as “Peri M” (short for “Perimeter”), meaning as “breaking through the outermost limits of a confined area and range of vision”. 

The band, categorized into melodic rock music genre, loves making music with rich, tight musical arrangement and melodic vocal lines to create a sonic landscape to the audience. They released their debut EP “Rainbow Tears” in 2010 and second EP “Again” in 2012. This year, Peri M actively engaged in different projects, gigs and workshops, while busy on recording their debut album. 

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Daisuke Tanabe (Japan)

Daisuke Tanabe is a music producer from Chiba, Japan. The former art student who also lived and worked in London for some years is currently based in Tokyo, where he assembles his exceptional pieces of music. Originally coming from a techno/breakbeat background, Daisuke has developed his own style of production to create a distinctive sound between hiphop, electronica, folk and jazz. 

During his time in the UK, he published for Gilles Peterson's famous Brownswood label and performed together with Zero DB, some of the leading lights in the UK breakbeat scene. On a recent Japan tour with French hiphop instrumentalist ONRA, he once again knew to impress the audience with his unique melange of jazz, electronica and hiphop. When performing live, Daisuke succeeds in combining his instrumental tracks with hiphop acappellas and creates an extraordinary atmosphere.

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136-Apollo 18 Profile Photo
Apollo 18 (Korea)

Formed in 2008 in Seoul, Apollo 18 quickly skyrocketed to the top of South Korea’s rock ranks winning the government-sponsored Hello Rookie prize for being the most promising new band in 2009 and Rookie of the Year at the 2010 Korean Music Awards. The trio have released four coloured-themed albums of their out-of-this-world hybrid of post-rock and post-hardcore — Red, Blue, Violet, and Black — with 2009’s Blue being ranked no. 52 on's 100 best Korean CDs of the 2000s. Apollo 18 have performed at the likes of SXSW, Fuji Rock, Pop Montreal, and Beastie Rock Festival (Taiwan). Renowned for their live performances, a scribe for Groove Korea Magazine summed things up well writing, “…their powerful playing literally made my jaw drop and left me repeatedly muttering the phrase ‘holy f*ck!’ well after their deafening set had finished.”

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136-Scarlet Diva
Scarlet Diva (Japan)

A brother and sister unit with actress and singer-songwriter Milla on vocals and KC on Guitar, Bass, Drums and Synthesizers. The two talents have the blood of Korea, Russia, and Japan. Their pre-debut released track emerged as a motion picture theme song, and their first digital release track was chose to be a double tie up of a motion picture theme song and a Nikon Commercial.


Goonam (Korea)

Possessing a moniker like Goonamguayeoridingstella (but you can call them “Goonam” for short if their full name proves to be too challenging), it should come as little surprise that the Seoul-based act’s music is tough to pigeonhole. Combining elements of rock, psychedelic pop, blues, surf, reggae, and even a touch of dub into groovy sonic concoctions, Goonamguayeoridingstella’s 2007 We Are Pure debut was ranked no. 70 on's 100 best Korean CDs of the 2000s. And their Woojung-Motel sophomore effort was nominated for Best Modern Rock Album at the 2012 Korean Music Awards.

Goonamguayeoridingstella have performed internationally at Japan’s Summer Sonic festival, SXSW, and Canadian Music Week. An Exclaim review of the latter fest performance proclaimed, "Goonam laid out a slick and summery blend of '70s-era grooves rich with hypnotic bass lines, smile-inducing melodies, and an endless shower of expert guitar licks and gallivanting solos." Members: Joe-Woong (Vocal, guitarist) Byeong-hak (bassist).

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Mark Bonafide & DJ Andrew Chow (Singapore)

Mark Bonafide is described as a pioneer in Singapore’s R&B and Hip Hop scene with 12 years experience under his belt and also coined the Jay Z of Singapore by various media local outlets. 

Having performed in Asia & Australia, he is a proven performer with an R&B edge to his rapping self. Having won the prestigious COMPASS award for ‘Song of the Year’ for ‘So Bonafide’ from the album ‘The Bonafide Experience’ which spun a record breaking 8 hit singles that received heavy radio rotation; a first for any Singaporean music artist or band in history.

The first 2 singles from his forthcoming EP ‘LOVE/REBEL’ namely ‘URGF’ and ‘Finally’ have been on heavy rotation for more than a year. The album was recorded in Singapore and Mark gave a preview of the songs at a one night only concert at the Esplanade as well as previewed ‘#Issues’ on Class 95FM and 987FM to rave reviews.

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Mark Bonafide's new official tour DJ, Andrew Chow, a triple crowned DMC Singapore Champion as well as double crowned Vestax Extravaganza DJ Battle Champion, was the key resident DJ of Phuture since Zouk opened it's doors in 1996, a residency which he held down for 15 years. The popularity of those nights led to the very successful release 'Flava'; a mixed CD compilation that has achieved Gold status in sales along with a 3-month radio show residency ('The Moto Show') on one of Singapore's leading English radio stations, 987FM.

Andrew breathtaking display on the decks has inspired generations of DJs that have emerged and are emerging out of Singapore and is largely recognized as one of the pioneers of turntablism in Singapore. Aside to his numerous accolades, he has also shared stages and decks with big name artists and DJs like Jazzy Jeff, Chemical Brothers, Massive Attack, Fat Boy Slim, DJ Shadow, Grandmaster Flash, Fatman Scoop, Ice-T, amongst many others.

136-Matthew Mole
Matthew Mole (South Africa)

Matthew Mole made South African chart history today becoming the first local artist to enter the iTunes album chart at No.1 with his debut album 'The Home We Built'. The 21 year old singer-songwriter from Fish Hoek, Cape Town beat off stiff competition from international superstars JAY Z, The Rolling Stones, Michael Buble and Robin Thicke, local DJ/producer DJ Kent as well as the world's biggest compilation series NOW That's What I Call Music to top the chart. Mole's debut album, 'The Home We Built', produced by Matthew Fink (Shadowclub, Tailor, Nakhane Toure), is already attracting keen international interest on both sides of the Atlantic where he has already been chosen as Record Of The Day in the UK and A&R Worldwide's 'Artist Of The Week' in the US.

Strannye Igry/Odd Games (Saint Petersburg, Russia)

The first and the only russian ska band was founded in 1982 in Lenigrad Rock Club by two brothers Victor and Grigory Sologub. It was the band for those who got tired from traditional rock music and who wanted to hear some intellectual fun. It was always an enchanting show «with goofy smile, self-irony and nothing in their pockets». The band split up in 1986 into Avia and Igry (Games). They haven't got together since then. Strannye Igry looked like a childish drowing which no adult can reproduce. Victor Sologub and Alexey Rakhov created a break bit project Deadушки in the late 90-ies. Grigory Sologub died in 2009. No one could ever imagine that Strannye Igry would get together again. The Mumiy Troll band have recorded a song called Strannye Igry on their new album as a dedication to this legendary band from Saint Petersburg. Strannye Igry will perform their only concert in Vladivostok at the V-ROX festival. Phillip, Victor Sologub's son will play the guitarr.

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The Just (Novosibirsk, Russia)

The Just — there are lots of quarrels about the translation of the band's name because of the definite article. The few options are the one who has justice, that's it and simply. Their music is called indi but it doesn't mean melancholic guitarrs which hide behind this «indi» tag. Since the kindergarten they've been listening the right music like The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Nirvana, Chemical Brothers, Massive Attack, Jethro Tull, Spice Girls. Mix but don't blend. Add a slice of lime. Moreover, their songs have distinguished russian lyrics. Perphaps, The Beatles would create this kind of music if they were born in Siberia of 2050. The Just recorded an album called «Gagarin» in April which was produced in London by Andrew Maury (Ra Ra Riot, Chairlift, Tegan and Sara).

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7he Myriads (Saint Petersburg, Russia)

Three years after their first album was released 7he Myriads presented their second work — an album called Planetarium — a story about stars and space. It's a dedication to the era of global enthusiasm in outer space research and journeys to far standing galaxies which obsessed soviet youth of the late 70-ies — beginning of 80-ies.

7he Myriads were influenced by legends like Didier Marouani from Space and rock legend Zodiac which sold 20 million copies of their albums in USSR and were included into the Unclassics compilation by the Environ lable. All the tracks on their album and full of nostalgic melodies of analogous keyboard, powerful guitarr and dynamic drums.

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easy m
Easy M (Moscow, Russia)

Easy M project was founded in June of 2011. It has united prominent musicians and creative people. The band performs nu disco. A line up is very powerful – well-known people in the music world who have shown their creativity already. Easy M includes musicians from Bravo, Nike Borzov band, Keta project etc. Thanks to these people and their interests and views on music, this project turned out to be original and united in its concept. It all started out as a creative experiment which let its members create in their free time but then it grew into serious a self-sustaining project. Now the band is recording their first studio album which is going to be released in September of 2013.

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Nocow (Saint Petersburg, Russia)

Mysterious Alexey Nikitin aka Nocow is a musician from Saint Petersburg. Alexey has done a number of different releases, was published in some music magazines, performed with a hip-hop band Wax paper Cup and took part in international music festivals.

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SKPO (Moscow, Russia)

SKPO aka Escapo aka Alexander Vasilyev is a co-founder of the moscow how2make label which is one the brightest representatives of the turntablist stage. In the early 90-ies SKPO worked as a team DJ with the daBomb rap band from Moscow. He is currently known for his technologically complex lives and masterpiece DJ sets.


Hmot (Lesosibirsk, Russia)

The G5 lable founder who comes from the far standing city of Lesosibirsk is known mostly for his project Democracy and for collaboration of Lost in Taiga with S. Petersburg producer Nocow. Well thought and accurately covered sound gives us an opportunity to find ourselves in a mysterious place such as russian taiga every time you switch on Hmot's music.


DZA (Moscow, Russia)

Sasha Kholenko is the main ideologist of the how2make label and a member of several music teams like Mujuice and Mumiy Troll. He's been representing Russia at various international music festivals and gives a good push to russian electronic stage.


NVG (Mosсow, Russia)

Nikolay Golutvin is a psytrance musician with his world famous project Crazy Astronaut. Since recently Nikolay has been paying more attention to his new project NVG where he mixes different styles of dance music creating unique textures and rhythms. One has to get into a few months ahead queue to get a ticket to a play called Keds which he made a sound track for.


Kulakostas (Ukraine)

Stas Kulakovsky is a young ukrainian musician who makes good and melodic elecronic music. He started with breakcore and trance but later moved towards calmer tempos and gentle structures. Stas admits that he was affected by music of SCSI-9 and Mujuice that's why his membership in how2make and Pro-Tez is not surprising.


Mujuice (Mosсow, Russia)

Roma Litvinov aka Mujuice is one of the prominent musicians from Mosсow. He managed to work in different styles from odd and melodic glitch and deep techno to melancholic electronic pop rock with vocals. Roman and his collegue DZA are known for their rave project cut2kill.


Oid (Latvia — Russia)

Andrei Antonets is known to his fans as Andrei Oid — a musician, producer and one half of the russian duet Alexandroid which got some good remarks from Laurent Garnier. People got to know about the existence of Andrei because of the Keta project where he met Ilya Lagutenko. He still releases his electronic tracks under the nickname of Oid. Since recently he's been making videos.

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KETA (Latvia — Russia)

KETA is a common project of Ilya Lagutenko and electro artist Andrey Antonets AKA Andrei Oid. This project has got a Soundcloud where one can find songs and beautiful music video for "Kamchatka". Mummiy Troll concert in Olympisky started with video performance of the song KETA which shocked the public. 

KETA project's music is a romantic techno, 22nd century ballads, chanson from Mars. In Antifreeze one can slightly notice some James Blake. It's not really an actual electro though. Keta relates more to Boards of Canada than to wonky.

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InWhite (Mosсow, Russia)

InWhite first got together in 2008 in Moscow. The leaders of the band are Yulia Kryukova (lyrics) and Dmitry Emel'yanov (music). Yulia was born in Saint Petersburg and before her music career she was a professional dancer, she toured throughout the world with the dance team Cannon Dance. Dmitry is a guitar and keaboard player and a composer. He played with Mara, Estethic Education. He's been playing with Zemfira now.

An EP V Ozhidanii Tebya (Wating For You) was realesed in 2011. The band starts performing in Russian. Their song More (Sea) was chosen to be the main soundtrack for the Mothers movie. InWhite performed with Bi-2 during their concert in the 16 Tonn night club. Yulia also took part in Shura Bi-2's project  Nechetniy Voin (An Odd Warrior) which was released on the 13th of May. At the end of 2012 InWhite released an album called Neverland, which was all in Russian. It was recorded in 80 Hertz Studio in Manchester, and Daniel Hulme, a sound-producer, who had worked with artists like Tricky, The Coral, Delphic, Roots Manuva. The band is prepearing a new EP with five tracks.

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Sansara (Ekaterinburg, Russia)

Sansara was formed in Ekaterinburg in 1997. A producer of their debut album was Vladimir Shahrin from The Chaif band.

Their new album Igla (Needle) was released on the 1st of October of 2012. It's got 12 tracks and 2 of them are duets with prominent musicians. Discoteka has a voice of Ilya Lagutenko from Mumiy Troll and Oblaka is performed with Sergey Bobunetz from Smislovye Galutsinatsii. That's what a russian media writes about the album: "The band released their best work leaving out all the attempts to put together pieces of colourful paper which simbolizes various music styles. It took the Needile and stabbed the hearts of listeners and created a great piece of real rock music".

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Aifo (Ekaterinburg, Russia)

One of the most prominent and interesting bands of Ekaterinburg, a representative of the modern "conscious" music. The band members mix together different styles from hip hop and funk to trip hop and indi rock and make them into united tracks filled with a load of energy.

The band released their fist EP Stavka Na Chudo (Put On a Miracle) in 2010. It's made of five studio tracks and one remix. Their debut album called Schastye v Golove (Happiness in One's Head) was released in June of 2012 and was well accepted by the public.

Aifo supports various art movements and takes part in music festivals, collaborates with bands from Ekaterinburg. They tour about Russia a lot. Currently, they've been prepearing a new album which will be released in the Fall of 2013.

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Stolitsa (Moscow, Russia)

Under the moniker Stolitsa there is a creative person from Moscow, a breakdancer and a skateboarder Igor Domaradsky. He manages a variety of parties AKA "Brooklyn hype" in a Moscow club called "Solyanka". He is also known for his ability to make a celebration out of nothing. That's exactly what he is going to show at VROX festival.


Crossparty (Vladivostok, Russia)

Crossparty, witch acid-rave duet from Vladivostok, consists of two people: Iliya Bespalov and Varvara Shuvalova. They perform dark, rough electro with wild female vocal. For one year and half, since its start, the band released debut album «#SwagHunter» at a European label Phantasma Disques, record «Cult» at a Russian label Oddot, and they also released EP «Fang» on their own.


Herzog (Vladivostok, Russia)

Herzog band was found by quite famous musicians from Vladivostok (bands «Karamazoff Bike» and «Mexican Killer Bees») in 2002. For the moment of formation and for the next six years they performed british-styled guitar rock. The band independently released its CD «Androgenius» in 2005. The next year they recorded a concert “Live in BSB Club” which was considered to be the best in Vladivostok by local media. The second Herzog’s professional record «(4232)» was released in 2008. Since 2006 the band has been rarely performing as guitar duet in different Vladivostok clubs.

Current team was formed in 2010-11, now there are Alexey Herzog Michailov (vocal, guitar, lyrics), Michail “Mishel” Primak (bass), Sergey “Stesha” Gavrilov (guitar), Janis Bredis (drums, percussion). New music team of the band has changed the sound totally. Herzog is a highly explosive mix of popular classic rock movements (boogie rock, rhythm&Blues, country rock, hard-rock, psychedelic rock). The band is now performing actively in clubs. Herzog had a live show front of 20 000 people audience in Amursk in 2012.


2MANный 100н (Vladivostok, Russia)

«2MANный 100н» is a rock band from Vladivostok formed in 1985. According to founders’ idea (Igor Nekrasov “Karas’” and Dmitry Ezut “Mitya”) the band plays seaport rock’n’roll. It’s driving and really great. They invented  and introduced to their audience a new form of punk-rock which became popular all over the World only ten years later due to their colleagues Green Day. You can clearly see the main principle of the band in their music: everything should be cheery, without any tense. All their songs are devoted to people of Vladivostok, sea, love and friendship. Practicing joyous carelessness the band released only «Помидоры в глазах» (“Tomatoes in the eyes”, 1985) and CD «Zorro» (1998), which was recorded in London due to Iliya Lagutenko. 

«2MANный 100н» is loved for their live performances. The band started tens of trends which had great influence on Vladivostok rock. Now it is doubtless the most interesting and amusing rock band in the town, which concert’s can be visited by whole families. «2MANный 100н» now is Roman (Buben) Zlobin (drums), Shlyop (vocal, dancing), Sergey Soloviov (guitar), Sergey (Mosya) Moiseenko (bass).


Krypton's Sons (Vladivostok, Russia)

Krypton's Sons is a young band from Vladivostok established in 2011. Their genre is dreamrock / spacerock / stadium. FBITS Label (Moskow) calls them 'space rockers'. No band in Vladivostok could ever achieve such depth and penetration on the local stage. (Primorye24)

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136-Geek Model
Geek Model (Vladivostok, Russia)

Under the moniker Geek Model there is Andrey Marchenko who is well known on the experimental music stage of the Russian Far East as a founder of the project Love Options. The birth of Geek Model which followed long-term experiments with techno-sound, is the main brainchild of Marchenko. Deformed percussion and tone distortion of synthesized sequences characterize the sound of Geek Model and involve a listener into a chaotic atmosphere of minimal-techno.


KrisMirror (Vladivostok, Russia)

It's a Vladivostok band founded in 2009 in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk by synth producer Eduard Sudakov. It's got a touch of sadness and desire to mix pop music with modern electro sound. In the process of band's transformations it has eventually relocated to Vladivostok.  A line up and a game with music genres have also changed from synth pop to disco funk or even chill wave as well as everything that makes an organ responsible for ordinary life's sitting in front of the computer's display or immersing oneself into a couch move with music's rhythm without having a dull face. In general, the band's style could be described as esthetic pop but band's leader prefers defining it as Porn Groove.

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UZI (Vladivostok, Russia)

Alternative hip hop with complicated destiny and fun sound, made despite all the rules and dogmas. Surrealistic lyrics which are well digested on its own even without music. They have cold synth pop sound filled with intimate and almost trustworthy vocals. Keyboard, guitars and speech turn out to be quite romantic.

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Vitamin (Vladivostok, Russia)

Russian rap singer, songwriter, beatmaker . He started his music experiments when he was just a high school student and he turned out to be one of the best beatmakers in Vladivostok. In 2000 he joined Vladivostok rap band "Траектория Жизни"/Trayektorya Zhizni — one of the first rap bands in the Russian Far East. At the same time  U-Ground was established, an independent hip hop label which united lots of talented hip hop artists from Vladivostok. Currently, Vitamin makes music by himself. He's got his solo album, several singles and common works with Mummiy Troll, Svintsovyi Tuman etc.

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S?W (Vladivostok, Russia)

S?W (So What?) is a young band from Vladivostok founded in 2008. They consider themselves rap core/alternative. The band combines lots of elements of various music genres. The band's line up is eight people who have their own taste starting with old school hip hop and classic rock and finishing with electro music. All of that benefits to the sound and to their unique style. During their existence they performed lots of concerts on different stages in Vladivostok and shared a stage with prominent bands like "7Rasa", "Slot", "Amatory".

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MO (Vladivostok, Russia)

"MO" band was formed in March 2013. All its participants are very experienced in performance and studio work. Musicians decided to get together to realize their original ideas in modern music. Characteristic features of their music are compound rhythmic and harmonic forms, unusual sound of instruments.


Stargardigan (Vladivostok, Russia)

"Stargardigan" band was founded in 2012 by Ivan Sosnovcev (vocal, guitars, noises) and Alexandr Frakiyskiy (synthesizer, samples). Sentimental dance music by Starcardingan is an ideal soundtrack for the "velvet" season of subtropical latitude, members of the band call it "Pacific Ocean chill".


Le Freeze
Artem Ladov (Vladivostok, Russia)

Artem Ladov (Le Freeze). A Vladivostok guest who came here in 2005 and who stayed here till now. He was known earlier as Le Freeze and is a member of a label U-Ground.


DJ ICE! (Vladivostok, Russia)

Originally ICE! was one of the first hip hop DJs in the Far East of Russia. He became known due to his victory in international DJ championship London Underground and projects with rap and r&b musicians. Now ICE! is international multistyle DJ and producer who works in Sydney.


Gospel Tramp
Gospel Tramp (Vladivostok, Russia)

Gospel Tramp is a band from Vladivostok. Originally, the idea was to make experimental electro music but with the time Gospel Tramp went beyond this electro sound and that's when experiments began. Currently their style includes trip hop, wonky, future garage, IDM, drum'n'bass,post rock, Indie, nu disco and Gospel Team doesn't seem to stop in their search.


Napro4 (Vladivostok, Russia)

Vladivostok band Napro4 was founded in 2009 as a pop funk band. Changing a line up the team got heavier and more alternative sound which gave them more audience. Napro4 took part in lots of city and regional charitable and biker festivals. They performed on the same stage with such russian bands as Aria, Amatory and Slot.


Muzzafari (Vladivostok, Russia)

The origins of the style in which this band performs come from reggae,
ragga, dancehall and rap. There are also elements of rock and dnb.
Thanks to music experiments it turns out to be something like Far East
ragga music. Muzzafari collaborated with youth centre of VSUES. In
2010 they took part in annual festival "Underground - way to light"
where they got a main prize. They often perform in Vladivostok clubs
and bars. The goal of Muzzafari is development of reggae on Russian
Far East and abroad.


Julien-K 07.09.2010 Session
Amir Derakh (USA)

For over 20 years guitarist, songwriter, engineer, and producer Amir Derakh has been known as one of the musical pioneers of the Los Angeles area. He was awarded the prestigious “Most Promising Guitarist” by Gibson Guitars as a member, writer, and producer of the multi-platinum selling band Orgy. In addition, Amir is a fully qualified producer and engineer having earned his degree in Recording Engineering from the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA).

He is responsible for the successes of many artists and has worked with several well-known bands such as The Eels (where he received an engineering Grammy nomination), Danzig, Coal Chamber & most recently Mumiy Troll. He has also scored and created original music for movies, video games, and television including: Transformers, Underworld, Freaky Friday and the HBO series True Blood. Other projects include Julien-K (which he formed with fellow Orgy member Ryan Shuck), Dead By Sunrise (which features Chester Bennington of Linkin Park on vocals), and Circuit Freq an electro/techno duo with Anthony “Fu” Valcic. Amir also runs a very successful music label Circuit Freq Records.

136-Jimmi Wang
Jimi Wang (China)

Graduated from Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics in early 1990s, Jimi Wang was one of China’s earliest music critics. He was one of the establishers of Tie Yu Lan, the first rock band in Shanghai. From 1999 to 2004, Jimi became the chief journalist/editor of the most influential music magazine Audio & Video World. He wrote many influential features about the developments of the changing music trends in China.

In 2004, he was appointed as the Marketing Director of Universal Music China. He expanded the global music in the field of digital music business in China, established good cooperative business with China Mobile. In 2006, he became the general manager of Rongxi Entertainment Media Company Ltd. He signed “The Honeys”, one of Shanghai’s most successful and promising rock bands. The famous UK producer Safta Jaffery (Muse's producer) was invited to be the producer of their new album. In 2011, he was the co-founder and artists manager of Shanghai Music King Records.

136-Natasha Hodgson2
Natasha Hodgson (South Africa)

Natasha completed a Bachelor of Arts degree in Marketing Communication at The University of Johannesburg (ex Rand Afrikaans University) in 2004. Her keen interest in music and the entertainment industry led her to join Sovereign Entertainment, a record label and management company, where she was employed for four years. She worked with top South African artists, such as The Parlotones, Prime Circle and Wonderboom, booking their shows and tours. She often travelled with the bands as a “road manager”. Natasha also had the wonderful opportunity of working with Starsailor.

She has worked on numerous tours, events, and album launches which included Powerzone Music Festivals , Xbox 360 Summer Tours , Rocktober Unplugged shows (at the Barnyard Theatres) and The Go Summer Tours. These events featured the following artists : The Parlotones, Prime Circle, The Finkelstiens, Watershed, Springbok Nude Girls, Kwela Tebza, and Wonderboom. 

Natasha joined Just Music in September 2012 to start up the “Live” Division. Just Music is South Africa's leading independent music company and the home to some of the world's major independent labels: Beggars Group (which include XL, Matador, Rough Trade and 4AD), Mute, Domino, Ninja Tune, Ministry of Sound, Spinnin, Hed Kandi, Dramatico, Hidden Beach Recordings, and Time SPA. 

On the local front, Just Music have signed some of SA’s top artists — Death by Misadventure, Dance, You’re on Fire, Fetish, Flash Republic, GoodLuck, KONGOS, LCNVL (Locnville), Matthew Mole, Nakhane Toure, The Anti Retro Vinyls, The Muffinz, Pascal & Pearce, Shadowclub, Tailor, Yoav and Zebra & Giraffe. Natasha currently arranges the bookings for the majority of Just Music’s South African artists.

Yoon Young Kong (South Korea)

From the late 1990’s Yoon Young Kong has been among the music culture from the birth of the indie scene in South Korea, starting off through 'Gangag culture & arts' indie label.

He also has experiences with various genres of music in the course of organizing and producing concerts and parties with some famous Korean groups and bands such as DJ DOC, Brown Eyed Girls, Epik High, and Crying Nut. 

Since 2008, Kong has actively been participating on overseas tour and culture exchange with the United States, Britain, and Japan. Recently in 2013 he has organized a project  called “KOREA ROCKS”, bringing out Korean bands for a UK tour.  His main purpose and goal in every project is to introduce Korean bands to overseas countries and to provide opportunities and routes for foreign bands to gain connections with each other.

Yoon Young Kong has also organized a company named “Project 33”. It runs as an agency for cultural planning and business for projects, concentrating on opening collaborative routes for more active interchanges with foreign bands.

136-Sat Bisla
Sat Bisla (USA)

President, A&R Worldwide. Sat Bisla has had a multi-faceted career in the music industry — over the years he's worked as a DJ (including an on-air stint at the tastemaker KCRW and Indie 103.1FM in Los Angeles and now on KCSN 88.5FM Los Angeles), radio programmer, club booker, artist manager, A&R scout and/or consultant for Interscope, Atlantic, Epic, Columbia, Sony, Island, Island/Mercury Records, Warner Bros. Records, Nettwerk and many others. He's also been a club owner, media and brand consultant and Radio & Int'l Editor for the US radio and record industry trade magazines Radio & Records, Album Network and VIRTUALLYALTERNATIVE. Bisla has been instrumental in helping expose and/or develop such Platinum-selling artists as Adele, Dido, Keane, Faithless, Muse, Fatboy Slim, Ting Tings, Sam Sparro, Coldplay, Missy Higgins, The Temper Trap and many others for the American and/or worldwide audiences pre-signing in the US or globally. Bisla also constructed the creative foundation for Clear Channel's New Music Network (an artist/consumer social networking platform back) in 2001, which has now evolved into iHeart Radio. Bisla launched the fully independent Pangaea Entertainment Group in September 2006, which is home to the globally respected A&R Worldwide, MUSEXPO, Global Synch & Consumer Brands Summit, A&R EXPO and the Worldwide Radio Summit brands. He is also the host and creator of Passport Approved, which broadcasts in multiple FM radio markets (and online) in the US, Germany and Japan with over 1.5 million listeners worldwide.

2Miller Option 2
Alan Miller (USA)

Music marketing veteran Alan Miller founded FILTER Music Media Marketing in 1999, along with fellow industry expert Alan Sartirana. Now known as FILTER Creative Group, the full-service lifestyle and entertainment creative agency has expanded to include the respected music publication FILTER magazine, and FILTER record label, making it a one-stop creative shop for an avid and dedicated community of taste makers, lifestyle innovators, and music fans looking to discover quality among the masses. FILTER bridges the gap between brands, products and companies, and modern and influential entertainment; bringing culture, art, and community to life. Before starting FILTER Creative Group, Miller created and spearheaded innovative marketing campaigns for PolyGram Group Distribution and Geffen Records. Miller currently resides in Los Angeles, California with his family, but his true heart will always be on the field with the Baltimore Orioles.

FILTER Creative Group has implemented highly successful marketing and advertising campaigns for numerous high profile and influential brands, including Toyota, Macys, Dickies, Converse, Spotify American Rag, SONY, Guitar Center, Landmark Theatres, Slacker Radio, and many others.

Mike Bell (USA)

Based in New York City, Mike Bell is the Director of International Relations at FILTER Creative Group and one of the managers of FILTER Magazine's Culture Collide in Los Angeles. He joined FILTER 10 years ago heading up innovative local lifestyle marketing campaigns for various indie music projects such as Radiohead, The Black Keys, Nick Cave, and more. Since 2008, Mike has been traveling far & wide, attending showcase/conference festivals, and working with international artists and institutions to help promote "good music" & culture from all over the world.  Although he eats healthy at home, Mike is always on the lookout for the perfect late-night food indulgence while abroad. 

136-Jeff Greenberg
Jeff Greenberg (USA)

Jeff Greenberg is a former manager, concert producer, (Wolf and Rissmiller Concerts, Nederlander /Greek Theater), and ICM Agent (Kinks, James Taylor, Fleetwood Mac.). Jeff is the current CEO and owner of the world famous Village Studios. The Village has produced many of the top records of the past 40 years, including Eric Clapton, Steely Dan, The Rolling Stones Janet Jackson, Usher, and Lady Gaga. Soundtracks include Shawshank Redemption, Walk The Line, Crazy Heart and The Adjustment Bureau to name a few. The Studio complex, located in a 1922 Masonic Temple, hosts many events for the GRAMMY organization. Greenberg is past president, and current director of Society of Professional Audio Recording Services (SPARS), Recording Academy P&E (Producers and Engineers) Wing Advisory Board member, past Governor and current Secretary of the Los Angeles Chapter of The Grammy organization. Jeff was an original board member of Musicians Assistance Program (MAP). Recently he built a recording studio in Boyle Heights for The Los Angeles Youth Opportunity Center to motivate and inspire inner city youth. The program has grown to include mobile recording studios visiting schools and parks throughout California.

Dmitry Tsyganok (Vladivostok, Russia)

Representative of the Independent Label TE. Former leader of Vladivostok band «Eglaine» («Эглайне»). He got a degree in Music Production at Harbourside Institute of Technology, Vancouver in 2011. Dmitry makes records, mixes tracks and produces sound for local bands. Together with a leader of Mari! Mari! music band Ilya Kanukhin he founded label TE to promote interesting far-eastern music. The label released singles and albums of Mari! Mari!, Interdeer, Parks Squares and Alleys, Krismirror, Vэns, Brave Men Run, Yaroslav Konoplya.

136-Keith Tan
Keith Tan (Singapore)

An individual with an entrepreneurial spirit equipped with good business acumen that is backed by more than a decade of experience in programming development at venues, festivals and tours of various sizes across the Asia Pacific region; Keith is the founder of Slate Entertainment, Secret Signals, GigOut! and TAB. Keith has worked with artists like Jason Mraz, Lifehouse, Kenny "Babyface" Edmonds, N.E.R.D./Pharrell, Brian McKnight, Vertical Horizon, Boys Like Girls, The Cab, Rachael Yamagata, Wade Robson, amongst many others.

He continually provides strategic counsel to private and public sectors for top-level industry initiatives and has earned credible reputation amongst networks of artists for effective strategy and implementation. He loves the fueling and developing the industry and is constantly approached to provide counsel by startups/entities in the area of lifestyle, music, entertainment, internet and tech.

Sasha "DZA" Kholenko

Moscow indie-label "how2make records" has been the main working mechanism of Russian electronic music for 10 years. The label released music by Moscow electronic headliners such as DZA, Mujuice and NVG, and organized performances at the most prestigious world festivals from Sonar to SXSW. They also produced different collaborations, interactive motion-comics with "honk fu" studio, and also their own musical performance. At V-ROX festival founder of "how2make records", Sasha Kholenko, will introduce the stage where residents and friends of the label will play.

Mark Zavadskiy (Hong Kong)

Founder and CEO “Asia To Go Limited”. Businessman, journalist, expert on Russia, China and Asia. Lives in Hong Kong since 2003, studied and worked in Moscow and Beijing before that. He has been a keynote speaker at last year’s “China Reform Forum” on Hainan island, moderated sessions at Russia Hong Kong Investment Forum in Hong Kong, APEC Business Advisory Council Small and Medium Enterprise Forum in Vladivostok, Russia Singapore Business Forum in Singapore and M&A Advisors Annual Summit in New York. “Asia To Go Limited” started operations late 2011 to further promote relations between Asia and Russia.

136-David Junk
David Junk (USA)

David Junk brings a wealth of experience and a global perspective to the entertainment industry. He helped launch the first Western multinational record company in one of the largest countries in the world, the former Soviet Union, and served as President of Universal Music Group in Moscow. In addition to managing their interests throughout Russia and Eastern Europe for more than a decade, David signed and developed several platinum-selling artists, including the first Russian pop act to hold a worldwide number one record, t.A.T.u and was one of the top selling acts in the world. In 2006, David returned to Los Angeles to help manage the Universal subsidiary Machete. As General Manager, Machete became the top Latin Hip Hop and Reggaeton music label in the U.S. Market. In 2007, David founded DJAM, a Los Angeles based international management, marketing and publicity firm and has written and produced music contests and reality shows for European TV networks. In March, 2013 David joined the Gibson Guitar Corporation to manage their entertainment relations in Russia and the CIS.

Artemy Troitsky (Moscow, Russia)

Artemy Troitsky (b.1955) is Russia's first and best-known rock journalist and critic. He's written several books, including the international bestseller "Back in the USSR: the true story of rock in Russia", and has been presenting numerous TV and radio shows throughout nearly 40 years. Currently he is teaching music journalism at the Moscow State University, presents weekly show on Rock FM and "Rock experience: year by year" television series on TV JAM.

Yan Shenkman (Moscow, Russia)

Journalist, music and literary critic. Deputy Chief Editor of Russia Beyond the Headlines. Author of numerous articles on 1980s Russian rock and interviews with top rock musicians for leading Russian publications like Ogonyok, Medved, Billboard, Novaya Gazeta and others.