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22—25 august
to V-ROX 2018

How to get there?

If you want to attend the festival as a guest, just buy an airplane ticket and come over.


International Airport

Vladivostok International Airport services more than 2 million passengers a year. The strategic goal of the Vladivostok International Airport is to become the main transport point on the way to South-Eastern Asia for Russian passengers, as well as an airport-hub for flights between North-East Asia and North America.

Public transportation

Main public transportation includes buses, trams, motorboats and ferries as well as countryside trains (on-ground metro).


More than 60 hotels of different star levels, from premium to home-offices — Hyundai, Vlad Motor Inn, Vladivostok, Arbat, as well as for the premium level, there are apartments on the FEFU campus, where the members of the government delegations stayed at, at the time of APEC Summit 2012 (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation).

Lecture locations

Far East Federal University is the biggest international, educational, research and innovation center, created on the base of 4 main institutions of the region that attracts talented youth of Russia and Asian Pacific Regions, science communities, high-technology businesses from Russia and from abroad. It is the first Russian campus that is built by United States standards. FEFU campus will be rightfully considered the best in Russia and one of the best in the world. It is located on the territory of 800 thousand square meters (8,611 square feet), on the most beautiful Ayaks Bay in the ecologically clean area of the Russkiy Island.


The nightclub and restaurant industry in Vladivostok is currently going through a rapid growth: dozens of new nightclubs and restaurants open up annually. Today, there are 424 registered bars and restaurants, most popular are Studio Cafe, Zuma — Pan Asian kitchen, Sova i Belka, Iz Brasserie — national seafood kitchen, and Orlinoe Gnezdo. There are 37 dance clubs, live music venues and karaoke bars: Mumiy Troll Music Bar (350 capacity), Salon (200), Bar 21 (200), BSB (400), Street Bar (200), Cuckoo (800), Shoom (800), Fabrika (250), SanRemo (800) and others.