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22—25 august
to V-ROX 2018
Russian Asian and Pacific Rim International
Music Conference and Festival

It’s the first Russian showcase festival — and the biggest international music conference. It’s a cheeky and loud attempt to make Vladivostok the cultural center in the Pacific region — and to help young Russian music to conquer the big world industry. Three days of summer concerts, lectures and workshops, that will capture the whole city.

It’s a city’s big creative music festival in an unusual concept for the typical Russian showcase format.

It is also an international conference that covers the problems and concerns of the music industry in particular as well as modern cultural management in general. Also, it’s a unique opportunity for young Russian artists and producers from all entertainment departments, to present their creations and projects not only to the audience but also to the leading international professionals.

FOR THREE DAYS DURING V-ROX THE CITY AND ITS LOCAL VENUES WILL BE HOSTING CONCERTS FOR INTERNATIONAL BANDS from Japan, Korea, United States and China, as well as young Russian bands. Vladivostok for some time will become an ideal place for demonstration of the world’s new achievements in music.

DURING THE SAME THREE DAYS, AT FEFU (FAR EAST FEDERAL UNIVERSITY) AND AT OTHER OPEN VENUES, THERE WILL BE LECTURES AND WORKSHOPS for students and everyone else in general who wants to know all of the details on how the cultural industry looks and works from the inside. Participation in which will not only be by Russian specialists but also leading producers, promoters, owners of media-holdings, designer schools and concerts agencies from all countries in Asian-Pacific region.

Ilya Lagutenko

Leader of Mumiy Troll, founder and
curator of Vladivostok Rocks

“Vladivostok Rocks must show to Asian, Australian and
North American market, young Russian music and creative
ambitions of the new generation. I am 100% absolutely and
truly convinced that we have enough artists in any genre —
indie rock, electronic, whatever — whose talents and quality
are equally comparative to their international colleagues, and
that they could absolutely and adequately feel themselves
in direct competition with international artists.

I would like to show to our musicians and our general
public that the “Big-World” — is here and really close. It’s very
close from Vladivostok. And in Korea, China, Singapore, Japan,
Indonesia, there are numerous artists that have their own
entertaining lives — and they as well, really want
to expand their zone of impact”.